Dear All,

Welcome to the official website of the TAXI SPB RF Project!

Taxi SPb RF Project Mission: To assist in the development of a civilized taxi transportation market in Saint Petersburg and the Russian Federation by joining the efforts of taxi operators, taxi aggregators, taxi drivers, motor car suppliers (manufacturers), spare parts and oil suppliers, car service centers, banking and non-banking lending institutions, and insurance companies.

Our motto: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!”


Project aims and objectives:

- launching new projects in the area of taxi services in Saint Petersburg and the Russian Federation

- attracting investments and funds for the taxi business and protecting these funds

- purchasing vehicles to be used in taxi business

- cooperating with auto dealers, leasing and insurance companies, large taxi operators, and taxi aggregators to implement new taxi projects

- cooperating with spare parts and oil suppliers and car service centers for a comfortable, prompt, high-quality, and cost-effective maintenance of motor vehicles purchased under the project (technical maintenance and repair of traffic accident damage)

- setting up an Investment Protection Fund to be used for payments under leasing (subleasing) contracts in case of long-term (over 1 month) vehicle downtime resulting from a traffic accident

- running an internal standards program for security and quality of taxi services

- cooperating and partnering with public and municipal bodies in the area of regulation and development of the taxi service sector


Project Geography: Saint Petersburg, eventually Moscow, South Federal District, Russian Federation.

Number of motor vehicles to be purchased — over 2,000.